Product Supply

Behin Energy Company is a commercial enterprise founded in May 2012 in order to meet the growing demand for supplying equipment and petrochemical products to Iranian markets as well as having an effective presence in international markets.
The over-increasing requirements of the oil and gas industries such as petrochemical complexes, refineries, power plants, exploration and exploitation companies have stimulated BEC to take its part in these markets and has reportedly proved itself as a reliable cooperator both nationally and internationally.
During years of being in the markets, BEC has strengthen itself with flexibility and versatility, thanks to these characteristics now the company is known as a prominent supplier operating in cooperation with EPC contractors.
BEC’s qualified team consisting experienced engineers and professional staff committed to quality management system and have in-depth knowledge about equipment and chemicals they provide. BEC has believed and committed in customer orientation and has always put effort into customer satisfaction. So, our best presentation is the satisfaction and loyalty of customers and end users throughout the years.
BEC has expanded to include all requirement in the upstream, midstream and downstream markets as well as petrochemicals and power plants. So, in our product and service oriented business, we have been considered a reliable ONE-STOP source for all the needs of our customers.